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Our Stud Policies

Legendary European Dobermans (LED) offers stud services for Ramses The Second (RAM). RAM was born July 27, 2022 and he is the great grandson of Iz Zoofery, the2013 & 2016 World Champion. He is 31” in the withers, weighs 101lbs. and has great conformation like most elite European Dobermans. RAM is keenly intelligent, tenacious, athletic, protective, and has great temperament. He has strong prey drive and have all the qualities in his DNA to produce great service dogs. Furthermore, he has the innate natural aggression, perceptiveness, and the obedience to produce puppies for service, guarding, and personal protection.

Rs Embark Panel states that he has no medical anomalies. Specifically, that means he is negative for WWWD, DM1, and DM2.  Also, his prelims on his hips are categorized as good. Furthermore, his 2023 OFA records states:

Thyroid – Normal

Cardiac – Normal

Dentition – Normal

Ram’s stud fee is $1500.  But he is only bred to bitches that are:

  • 12 – 48 months in age
  • 100% European
  • That have a Vet history that we can check
  • Up to date on all vaccines

We do not do any physical breeding of our dogs. Semen is collected at our Vet clinic and it is directly and immediately inserted into your bitch (female if she is present). If you want freshly chilled semen sent directly to you, you will have to pay for the shipping costs which can vary anywhere from $150-350 in the continental US.

We want it to be clearly understood that we breed indiscriminately and may turn down requests for breeding. It is important that we as a breeder do business with ethical breeders that adequately test their dogs, use a Vet in all phases of a Reproduction program, vaccinate per standards and have good facilities to take care of their canines.

Our stud application request must be submitted along with Vet records, pedigrees, testing results, and pictures of to determine whether we will breed your dog with our stud  This vetting process can take up to 3 weeks and if there is mutual interest, a contract is signed by both parties and all funds are paid within 24 hours.

If you have questions relative to breeding, contact Larry Brown at 901-258-2761 or by email at