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New upcoming Litter

Their parents will be Casaonova and Nandi, who are FCI and AKC registered and come from some of the best European kennels in the world. Nandi is from the Defender of Bulgaria kennel in Bulgaria and Casaonova is from the ST kreal kennel in Russia and is owned by G. Antoine in California.

The cost of our puppies are $4900. And we have a financing program to purchase our puppies. For financing information, click here.

You can reserve a puppy in June 2023 with a $600 nonrefundable deposit, but, you must first fill out an online application for review so that it can be determined that ownership, gender, and temperament are a good fit. Also, it should be noted that we reserve the right to not sell to anyone.

A few days after birth when its less painful, the puppies’ tails and dew claws will be removed. As for surgical ear cropping, USA customers can procure the service on their own or we can have it done for a fee. For our international customers that have laws prohibiting canines having cosmetic surgery done in their countries, we will have the ears done at a cost. Of course, the puppy owner can opt for natural ears.



We use domestic and international carriers for puppies. If you live 1000 miles or less, we can work it out on how you can get the puppy without using a carrier.


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