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About Us


Legendary Dobermans Kennel was started in 2019 by long-time Doberman owners Emma and Larry Brown. The base of operations is on six acres with a state-of-the-art kennel building In Northern Mississippi right outside the suburbs of Memphis, TN.

The dogs bred are personally handpicked European Dobermans that we went to Europe to procure. Our dogs receive the best of care and some of their veterinarians have been at UC-Davis California which is widely thought to be the number one veterinarian school/ program in the nation and maybe in the world.

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Doberman Breed


In World War Two, thousands of American and German soldiers used these dogs in fighting the war. Their exploits are legendary in scouting, tracking, and warning soldiers of enemy troops approaching ahead. There is not a canine breed in the world that have their rich history. These dogs are legendary in protecting their families. Click on the link below to learn about a legend that fought four cobras to protect its family. Also, you can find numerous stories about these legends being protective.

There are a lot of breeds that are unique in something. But, the European Dobermans combine intelligence, power, athleticism, tenacity, stamina, strength, and protective traits no breed can match. Do you want a loving family member or a service dog? You don’t have to choose; your Doberman can be both! Are you ready for the Doberman experience?

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We have 2 males and 4 females in our breeding program. They are Maximus, Sampson, Amina, Mali, Nandi, and Swazi. These canines have world class championship bloodlines and three of their puppies are adolescents that will be brought online into our breeding program in the next 6-9 months. We also breed our canines with other breeder’s canines to assure diversified impressive gene pool phenotypes.

In total we have 10 European Dobermans.

Breeding from world Class Pedigrees

Our kennel breeds puppies from world-class pedigree Dobermans from Europe. These canines were puppies that the owners went to Europe and personally picked and transported back to their kennel. The puppies who are now adults came from the Moratio, Defender of Bulgaria, and Keyala kennels. All of our dogs have a personal name and a registered name which is the norm for highly pedigreed dogs that have an impressive lineage.

Legendary European Dobermans does not typically use studs. Our kennel has its own bitches and males. Our dogs are from the top kennels in Poland, Bulgaria, and France. Our prized male is Urbano Maximus whose grandfather (click here) Santiago iz Zoofery, is a FCI world champion in 2013 and 2016. We are going to use another breeder’s Male Canine to diversify our gene pool at our kennel in our November 2023 litter.

As breeders, we focus on conformation, health, character, temperament, and natural instinctive protective skills. The kennel is focused on producing service dogs and family pets.

If you are looking for a show dog, we recommend procuring an American Doberman as they have the stature and confirmation that judges prize. Our dogs have been tested for hip conformation, Von Willebrands Disease, DCM, and all tests have been negative. We don’t do line or inbreeding as we want to produce healthy dogs that can be pets or service dogs with longevity.

We have a “healthy guarantee” for all of our puppies. If a purchased dog expires in the first 2 years due to DCM or other cardiac anomalies, the purchaser will be given a puppy of the same gender or be refunded two-thirds of the purchase price if we are unable to provide a suitable replacement puppy in 6 months.. Shipping will be paid by the procuring owner.


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