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Puppies for Sale in Virginia

New Puppies Available

As of 7/3/2023, we have 3 males available. Two are black with rust tanning and one is brown with rust tanning. One black female is available and she has rust tanning. The price is $4900 for any of these puppies. Please see pictures and videos of these puppies. Note the color of the collar as this is how we identify them and discuss them to prospective buyers

Doberman Puppies for Sale in Virginia

Good news for the puppy keepers in Virginia because the struggle to find the Doberman puppies ends here. At Legendary European Doberman, we have brought the best Doberman Puppies for Sale in Virginia for our desired puppy keepers. Now, you can get your Doberman Puppy from the comfort of your home. In Virginia, we have the best breeders to make a place inside your house because we are too. Whether you are looking for a Doberman Breeder or a puppy for sale, we have got you covered.

How Do We Help in Getting You The Best Doberman Puppies in Virginia?

Welcome to Legendary European Doberman, your premier destination for top-quality Doberman puppies for sale in Virginia. We are proud to offer a limited selection of exceptional Doberman puppies that are sure to capture your heart. With a focus on European bloodlines and a commitment to breeding excellence, our kennel ensures that each puppy embodies the true spirit and characteristics of this legendary breed.

Our Available Puppies

As of 7/3/2023, we currently have three males available for adoption for Doberman puppies in Virginia. Two of them are black with rust tanning, while the other is brown with rust tanning. Additionally, we have one black female with rust tanning waiting to find her forever home. These puppies are priced at $4900 each. To assist you in choosing the right puppy in Virginia, we provide detailed pictures and videos, allowing you to appreciate their unique features. Please note that each puppy is identified by the color of their collar, which we use for referencing and discussing with prospective buyers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Legendary Dobermans Kennel was founded in 2019 by dedicated Doberman enthusiasts Emma and Larry Brown. Situated on six acres just outside the suburbs of Memphis, TN, our state-of-the-art kennel building provides a comfortable and safe environment for our dogs. We personally handpick European Dobermans, traveling to Europe to procure dogs with exceptional bloodlines and temperaments. Our commitment to their well-being is reflected in the meticulous care they receive, including access to top-tier veterinary care. Some of our veterinarians have been trained at UC Davis in California, renowned as one of the leading veterinary schools in the world.

A Rich Legacy

Dobermans have a storied history, particularly during World War Two, where they played a vital role in assisting soldiers on both sides. These loyal companions were utilized for scouting, tracking, and warning soldiers of approaching enemy troops. Their valor and dedication are legendary, making them an iconic breed with a rich heritage. You can explore fascinating stories about these remarkable dogs, including instances where they fearlessly protected their families. Click on the link below to discover a tale of a Doberman that valiantly fought four cobras to safeguard their loved ones. These Doberman puppies for sale in Virginia are available for you so that you can have your next companion in the house!

Experience the Excellence of Legendary European Doberman

When you choose a Doberman from Legendary European Doberman, you are selecting a puppy with a rich heritage, exceptional lineage, and a commitment to excellence. Our passion for this incredible breed drives us to provide you with the best possible companion. Explore our website for Doberman puppies for sale in Virginia, view our available puppies, and submit your application today. Join our community of Doberman enthusiasts and experience the legendary loyalty, intelligence, and protectiveness of the European Doberman firsthand.

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