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Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

New Puppies Available

As of 7/3/2023, we have 3 males available. Two are black with rust tanning and one is brown with rust tanning. One black female is available and she has rust tanning. The price is $4900 for any of these puppies. Please see pictures and videos of these puppies. Note the color of the collar as this is how we identify them and discuss them to prospective buyers

Doberman Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

Desire to get your first Doberman puppy in Pennsylvania? We have the best Doberman puppies for sale in Pennsylvania who are brought from their younger ages. Find yourself Welcome at Legendary European Doberman, your ultimate destination for the finest Doberman puppies for sale in Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on being passionate Doberman owners and dedicated breeders, committed to providing you with exceptional European Doberman puppies that are not only beautiful but also possess remarkable qualities and traits. Let us introduce you to the legendary European Doberman and why we are the best choice for finding your perfect furry companion.

Discover the Legendary European Doberman

At Legendary Dobermans Kennel, we have been devoted Doberman enthusiasts for many years. Our journey began in 2019 when Emma and Larry Brown, seasoned Doberman owners, established our kennel. Nestled on a six-acre property just outside the suburbs of Memphis, TN, our state-of-the-art kennel building ensures that our dogs are housed in the utmost comfort and care.

Our commitment to excellence led us on a quest to Europe, where we handpicked the crème de la crème of European Dobermans. We bring the best Doberman puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, right next to your doorstep. These extraordinary canines originated from renowned pedigrees, including the prestigious Moratio, Defender of Bulgaria, and Keyala kennels. Each dog in our kennel has a personal name and a registered name, reflecting their remarkable lineage.

Quality and Care For Doberman Puppies in Pennsylvania

At Legendary European Dobermans, our Doberman puppies in Pennsylvania receive nothing but the best care and attention. Our veterinarians, some of whom have trained at UC-Davis in California, the renowned veterinary school, ensure that our Dobermans maintain optimal health. We spare no expense when it comes to their well-being, providing them with top-notch nutrition, regular exercise, and routine veterinary check-ups.

Our Exceptional Lineage

We take great pride in our European Dobermans by providing the best Doberman puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, which is why we don’t typically use studs from outside our kennel. Our males and bitches are carefully selected from the finest kennels in Poland, Bulgaria, and France. One of our most prized males is Urbano Maximus, whose grandfather Santiago is Zoofery was crowned FCI World Champion in 2013 and 2016. To further enhance the genetic diversity in our kennel, we occasionally collaborate with other reputable breeders.

Our Focus on Excellence To Bring Doberman Puppies for Sale in Pennsylvania

As dedicated breeders, we prioritize conformation, health, character, temperament, and natural protective instincts in our Dobermans. While our dogs are exceptional in their own right, if you are specifically seeking a show dog, we recommend considering an American Doberman due to their specific physical attributes. To ensure the well-being of our puppies, all our breeding dogs undergo thorough testing for hip conformation, Von Willebrands Disease, and DCM, with all results coming back negative. We firmly believe that responsible breeding practices and avoiding line or inbreeding contribute to the long-term health and vitality of our dogs. That’s the reason we have the best Doberman Puppies in Pennsylvania.

Our Commitment to You

When you choose Legendary European Doberman, you gain more than just a remarkable companion—you become a part of our family. We stand behind the quality and health of our puppies, providing a “healthy guarantee” for your peace of mind. If, within the first two years, your purchased dog experiences any health issues related to DCM or other cardiac anomalies, we offer a replacement puppy of the same gender or refund two-thirds of the purchase price if a suitable replacement is unavailable within six months. The shipping costs, if necessary, will be covered by the purchaser.

Find Your Perfect Companion at Doberman

Visit our website to explore our available puppies. As of 7/3/2023, we currently have three males available, two black with rust tanning and one brown with rust tanning. Additionally, we have one black female with rust tanning. Each of these puppies is priced at $4,900. To help you make an informed decision, we provide pictures and videos of our puppies, and they are identified by the color of their collars.

Book Your Appointment and Let Us Deliver You The Doberman Puppies in Pennsylvania

If you’re ready to bring home a Legendary European Doberman puppy, we would be thrilled to assist you in finding your ideal match. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or inquiries you may have. We are here to guide you through the process and ensure that you embark on a lifelong journey of love and companionship with a remarkable Doberman.
Choose Legendary European Doberman for the best Doberman puppies for sale in West Pennsylvania, and let us help you welcome a loyal and loving addition to your family.

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