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Doberman Breeders in Alabama

Find Your Perfect Companion at Legendary European Doberman - Alabama's Trusted Doberman Breeders!

Are you in search of a loyal and protective companion? Look no further! If you’re seeking reputable Doberman breeders in Alabama, your journey ends with us at Legendary European Doberman. We understand that finding the perfect Doberman is a significant decision, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way. At Legendary European Doberman, we pride ourselves on breeding top-quality European Dobermans that embody intelligence, power, athleticism, and unwavering loyalty. Our kennel is situated in the heart of Alabama, where we have meticulously handpicked our Dobermans from renowned European kennels. With a commitment to conformation, health, temperament, and natural protective skills, our Dobermans excel as both family pets and service dogs.

Finding your ideal companion is a simple and enjoyable process at Legendary European Doberman, one of the best Doberman Dog Breeders in Alabama. Start by exploring our website and getting to know our exceptional Dobermans, each with a rich lineage and championship bloodline. If you resonate with our Dobermans and wish to reserve a puppy, you can easily do so by submitting an online application and placing a deposit.

Let us be your trusted partner in finding the perfect Doberman for your needs. Join the countless families who have experienced the joy and protection that our Dobermans bring. Visit our website today and embark on a remarkable journey with a Legendary European Doberman in Alabama, one of the top Doberman Dog Breeders in Alabama!

Legendary European Dobermans

In Alabama, We, Legendary European Doberman, Meet The Desires Of Individuals Looking For The Best Doberman Breeders!

Find yourself at Legendary European Doberman, one of the well-known Doberman Dog Breeders in Alabama, your ultimate destination for the finest European Doberman breeders in Alabama. Founded in 2019 by passionate Doberman enthusiasts Emma and Larry Brown, our kennel is located on six acres of land, boasting a state-of-the-art facility in Northern Mississippi, just outside the suburbs of Memphis, TN.

Legendary European Dobermans

Handpicked European Dobermans

At Legendary European Doberman, we, one of the best European Doberman Breeders in Alabama, personally handpick European Dobermans, traveling to Europe to ensure the highest quality. Our dogs receive exceptional care, and some of our veterinarians have trained at UC-Davis, California, renowned as one of the top veterinarian schools/programs globally.

A Legendary Legacy

With a rich history dating back to World War Two, these dogs played a pivotal role in scouting, tracking, and alerting soldiers to approaching enemy troops. Their legendary exploits are a testament to their loyalty and protective nature. Explore the captivating stories of these heroes on our website.

Unmatched Traits

European Dobermans possess an extraordinary combination of intelligence, power, athleticism, tenacity, stamina, strength, and unmatched protective traits. Whether you’re seeking a loving family companion or a reliable service dog, our Dobermans excel in both roles. Are you ready for the remarkable Doberman experience?

Exceptional Breeding Program

Our breeding program comprises two males and four females, namely Maximus, Sampson, Amina, Mali, Nandi, and Swazi. These canines boast world-class championship bloodlines, ensuring exceptional quality. In the next 6-9 months, we will introduce three adolescent puppies from our breeding program. Additionally, we collaborate with other reputable breeders to ensure diversified and impressive gene pool phenotypes. In total, we have 10 European Dobermans.

World-Class Pedigree

At Legendary European Doberman, our puppies descend from world-class pedigree Dobermans sourced directly from Europe. We personally select and transport them to our kennel. Our adult dogs originated from renowned kennels such as Moratio, Defender of Bulgaria, and Keyala. Each dog in our kennel has a personal name and a registered name, a testament to their highly pedigreed lineage.

Diverse Bloodlines

Unlike traditional stud usage, our kennel maintains its own bitches and males. Our dogs come from the top kennels in Poland, Bulgaria, and France. Our prized male, Urbano Maximus, traces his lineage back to FCI world champion Santiago is Zoofery in 2013 and 2016. In our June 2023 litter, we will introduce another breeder’s male canine to further diversify our gene pool.

Commitment to Excellence

As dedicated breeders, we prioritize conformation, health, character, temperament, and natural protective instincts in our dogs. Our focus extends to producing exceptional service dogs and cherished family pets.

Health and Well-being

While American Dobermans are recommended for show purposes, our dogs undergo rigorous testing for hip conformation, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and DCM, all yielding negative results. We avoid line breeding and inbreeding, aiming to produce healthy dogs with long, fulfilling lives as pets or service companions.

Healthy Guarantee

At Legendary European Doberman, we provide a “healthy guarantee” for all our puppies. If a purchased dog expires within the first two years due to DCM or other cardiac anomalies, we offer a replacement puppy of the same gender or refund two-thirds of the purchase price if a suitable replacement cannot be provided within six months. Shipping costs are covered by the purchaser.

Legendary European Dobermans

Get Your Doberman From The Best European Doberman Breeders in Alabama:

Join the Legendary European Doberman family and discover the unparalleled companionship and protection our Dobermans offer. Visit our website to explore more about our exceptional breeding program. Your search for the perfect Doberman ends here. Contact us today to embark on a lifelong journey with a Legendary European Doberman in Alabama!

How To Make an Appointment For The Dobarman At Legendary European Doberman?

Making an appointment for a Doberman at Legendary European Doberman is easy and hassle-free. Follow these three simple steps to reserve your puppy:

Fill out our online application

Visit our website and locate the online application form. Take a few moments to complete the form, providing us with essential information about yourself, your preferences, and your experience with dogs. This application helps us ensure that the ownership, gender, and temperament of our Dobermans are a good fit for you. Rest assured that all information provided is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

Application review and approval

Once we receive your application, our team will carefully review it to assess compatibility. We consider various factors to ensure that our Dobermans find loving and suitable homes. We reserve the right to decline applications if necessary. If your application is approved, we will contact you to discuss the next steps.

Reserve your puppy

Once your application is approved, you can secure your puppy by placing a $600 nonrefundable deposit. This deposit reserves your chosen Doberman from our upcoming June 2023 litter. It’s important to reserve early, as our puppies are in high demand. The deposit ensures your place in line to bring home your new companion.

That’s it! By following these three steps, you’ll be one step closer to welcoming a Legendary European Doberman into your life. If you live within 1000 miles, we can work together to arrange a pickup without using a carrier. For other distances, we use trusted domestic and international carriers to ensure the safe transportation of our puppies.

Don’t wait any longer! Start the process today and secure your place in line for a remarkable Doberman companion. We can’t wait to help you find your perfect match!